Public Health

Our current legislator voted against providing additional funds to fight the pandemic early on. I’ll make sure Missouri stockpiles American Made essential resources and PPE for any public health crisis. Other states are capping the cost of life-saving medications like insulin and epi pens and I will fight to stop drug companies from profiteering off these at the expense of people’s lives. An estimated 50,000 children have also been cut from the Medicaid rolls and denied basic health care. It is time to implement the Medicaid coverage expansion, approved by voters, to reverse the closure of hospitals and save lives.

Great Schools

As a two term member of the Mehlville School District Board of Education I’ve worked with our teachers and administrators to help achieve academic excellence. Good public schools help to preserve and enhance local property values. Charter schools are simply for profit businesses disguised as learning institutions. We need a Representative who will work to keep our public schools strong and not divert our tax dollars.

Help for Seniors & Veterans

Those who worked hard all their lives should not be forced out of their homes in retirement by higher property taxes. I will sponsor legislation to freeze property tax assessments on the homes of retirees on fixed incomes. I will also fight to defend critical programs to assist seniors. Likewise, those who have served our nation in the military deserve to know we are watching out for them, providing housing solutions for homeless veterans and honoring the service of all active duty military and veterans.

Public Safety

It is becoming increasingly apparent that money has been diverted from Prop P which voters overwhelmingly approved to help bolster the St. Louis County Police Department. We were promised two officers per patrol car for their safety and ours. I will ask the State Auditor to look into where this money has gone. As your State Representative I will stand with our police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical technicians to keep our neighborhoods safe.

Economic Growth

We must also prevent the shuttering of even more retail stores in our area.  This is not an easy task in the era of on-line shopping, but I believe we can find businesses and services the community needs and wants. I believe in helping our local businesses to grow. We must also give support to innovation and new business startups. The emphasis needs to be on attracting jobs that pay a living wage with good benefits. I will also help defend the hard fought rights of workers and organized labor.

Respect for Voters

The will of the people should be respected by those we send to Jefferson City to represent us. In 2018, the people of Missouri overwhelmingly passed Amendment One (Clean Missouri) in order to provide more transparency and accountability in government.  But members of the Missouri legislature promptly went about dismantling it.  Our current representative, in a town hall meeting, told a large group of constituents that “we just didn’t understand the amendment or we would not have approved it.”

End Pay To Play

Billionaires and their high priced lobbyists set the agenda in the State Capital. They do so by making large donations and funneling money to various PACS supporting elected public officials who fall-in-line with what they want done. It is time we put PEOPLE BEFORE POLITICS and self-interest. My only special interest will be serving YOU, the voters and taxpayers.