People Before Politics

Welcome! My name is Jean Pretto and I would appreciate your vote for State Representative in the 94th District. For too long the loudest voices in the halls of the State Capitol have been those of the largest campaign donors. I want to put an end to pay to play politics and make sure your voice is heard above all others.

I also believe that the will of the people should be respected by those we send to Jefferson City to represent us. In 2018, the people of Missouri overwhelmingly passed Amendment One (Clean Missouri) in order to provide more transparency and accountability in our state government.  But members of the Missouri legislature promptly went about dismantling it.  Our current representative even had the audacity to tell a large group of constituents, at a town hall that they, “just didn’t understand the amendment or we would not have approved it.”

As a two term member of the Mehlville School District Board of Education, and a life-long resident of South County, I’ve fought hard for our schools and have worked with our teachers and administrators to help achieve academic excellence. Good public schools help to preserve and enhance local property values and prepare our children for the careers of tomorrow.

We must also prevent the shuttering of even more brick and mortar retail shops in our area.  This is not an easy task in an era of on-line shopping, but I believe we can find businesses and services that can become an important part of our community. I believe in helping our local businesses to grow, supporting innovation, and new business startups.

It is also time that Missouri capped the cost of life saving medications such as insulin and epi pens. We are also the only state in the nation whose legislature refuses to allow a statewide database of opioids and hundreds of families continue to lose loved ones to this scourge. Missouri has also removed 50,000 children from the Medicaid rolls of the state, which is a travesty and refused to expand Medicaid causing hospitals in many parts of the state to close.

When a Representative goes to Jefferson City they are there to govern with their constituents in mind. Transparency is everything. This has not been the case in our district lately, and I intend to change that. As your representative I will listen to you, I will bring your concerns to light and I will do my best to make sure everyone is heard by maintaining an open door policy. I will represent YOU. Most importantly, I will respect you, your rights, and your voice.

Join us on this campaign in 2020 and please consider using the donate button below if you can make a donation of any size. It is going to take each and every one of our voices to make sure we are heard in Jefferson City over the big money interests.

Thank you very much,

Jean Pretto